The Twelve Pains of Christmas

Silverbear Membership Solution |

Christmas is coming! Lets hope that we all have a joyous and fun festive break.

Not everyone enjoys the Christmas season though. There will be some membership managers out there battling huge spreadsheets, inaccurate data and general headache-inducing membership issues. Even simple things like sending out a Christmas card to all your members can cause huge problems if you're battling with an old, dated membership system.

So as a way of acknowledging that not every membership based organisation is lucky enough to have a Silverbear Membership Solution, we've put together the Twelve Pains of Christmas. Lets hope you're not suffering any of these during this festive countdown:


1. Limited view of member data

It's vital that everyone in the business can see an accurate and up-to-date view of every single member. The only way of doing this is to have your membership solution seamlessly integrated with your other membership interaction solution (such as websites, event management solutions, finance platforms etc).

2. Hard and expensive to deliver web self-service linked to the back end membership solution. 

If you want to let your members manage aspects of their own membership online (such as profile management, event bookings, online purchases etc), you must have your web service linked to your membership solution. This is often something that membership solutions can't offer, or if they can they'll charge a very high price for it.

3. Limited financial management capabilities and not very well integrated when it is there. 

You don't want to be forced into taking 20 steps to step up a simple direct debit instruction. You have to be able to undertake financial management activities quickly and smoothly. There's no point having finance application integration if it's clunky and difficult to use.

4. Limited event management capabilities

Most membership organisations run some type of events. Many host large conferences which are extremely complicated to manage. You must make sure your membership solution can handle all aspects of your event management requirements - from online registrations, stream management, table bookings, cancellations and more.

5. Not linked to Outlook for email and appointment tracking

An awful lot of us are tied to Microsoft Windows, so it's vital that you can use your membership solution in conjunction with Microsoft Outlook for emails and appointments.

6. Very limited email marketing capabilities

Can your membership solution generate marketing lists and campaigns from within the membership solution, launch and manage an on-going campaign from within the solution, and automatically gather the results back into that same solution automatically? If it can't, then you should talk to Silverbear.

7. Limited configurability

Your membership solution should let you do more than just creating custom fields as attribute sets. It should allow for infinite configuration - even for end users to perform.

8. High cost of ownership and slow vendor response to operational configuration issues

At Silverbear, we've enabled our membership solution for end-user configuration of data and reports. So if there's something you want and your internal tech team know how to create it, then go ahead. No need to contact us for costly change requests.

9. No connectivity to online payment providers to take credit/debit card payments directly into membership solution. 

Your membership solution should have direct access to market leading payment providers, such as SagePay, GooglePay, WorldPay, Barclays ePDQ etc.

10. Limited multi-currency support making it hard to transact with overseas members. 

Many membership based organisations have members and contacts overseas. It's a lot simpler if your solution can handle multi-currencies.

11. Limited ability to manage non-member individual and organisational data

It's important to be able to manage and communicate with all stakeholders - members and non members alike. Many membership solutions struggle to manage any other relationship type other than 'member'.

12. Very limited ability for end user reporting and dashboarding for business intelligence/management information

Not all membership organisations are the same. They'll need their own custom set of end user reports and data views. Your membership solution should provide the ability for end users to create and utilise their own reports and views.


If any of the above rings true with you, then get in touch with Silverbear. We've made sure that none of these twelve pains make their way into our membership solution.