Silverbear Product Information – The Next 12 Months

Silverbear Membership Solution |
During Silverbear’s recent Customer Forum, we discussed the Silverbear Membership Management solution and where we’d like to take it in the future.

Gordon Mitchell, Silverbear’s Head of Product gave a presentation in which he described the work undertaken to the membership solution in the last year, and discussed the plans for it over the next 12 months.

The last 12 months focused on:

  • Improving internal processes and efficiencies
    • Product Sprints were introduced which meant a consistent approved release would be standardised across all customers.
    • Tools were developed to make the CRM release process more efficient and robust, as well as reports being created to check the ‘health’ of customer environments.
  • The release of Silverbear Membership Management Version 5 and Microsoft Dynamics 2016
    • V5 on Dynamics 2015 was released in Q4 of 2015.
    • All in flight projects were upgraded to the 2016 platform. 
  • Working on the usability
    • Making the solution more intuitive to users and reducing the number of steps required to complete key journeys.
The next 12 months will focus on:

  • Integration with leading key solutions and supporting software
    • In the next 12 months, Silverbear plan to build out our integrations to offer more choice to our customers, revising and enhancing our web-services to offer standardised integration points to potential partners, rather than bespoke integrations.
  • Roadmap Definition Methodology
    • Silverbear will be building on the work carried out in the previous 12 months to better understand the needs of our customer base, and the market as a whole, including the launch of a number of Customer User Groups across Professional Membership and Trade Associations to compliment the current running Arts & Heritage User Group.
  • CRM Online
    • Silverbear have finalised and launched Microsoft Dynamics CRMOnline. We intend to keep On-Premise & Online code bases in line to aid the migration for all existing customers if they choose to move in the future. Over time, supporting components of the membership solution will be moved to the cloud also.
If you have any questions regarding the development of the Silverbear Membership Management Solution, please get in touch.