The Definitive Guide to Microsoft Dynamics CRM for Professional Membership Organisations, by Hart Square

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Hart Square is an independent specialist in providing CRM services to charities and not-for-profit (NFP) and membership organisations. They help their clients to maximise the benefits of their CRM technologies in order to engage with their members, supports and stakeholders.

In 2013 they released a report which was intended to highlight some of the Microsoft partners involved in the membership industry and showcase the differences they have in terms of approach, methodology and ethos. The 2013 report concluded that Silverbear, along with three other providers had successfully developed Microsoft CRM platform into a viable solution for membership bodies. In November 2016 they updated this report to examine in more depth new entrants to the market and to discover what Silverbear and the other original providers had been working on.

In the three years since the original report was launched, Silverbear have continued to grow; they have over 60 membership customers, have managed almost 3.5 million members, have over 4000 membership users and successfully managed over 1000 events and conferences.

The updated report explained the direction Silverbear have taken in the last three years: 

“Looking at the partners mentioned in 2013 we can see that Silverbear have stayed the course and are now offering a “product-led” solution which is intended to rely on configuration rather than coding, with the express purpose of reducing risk, cost and timescales, thereby enabling them to deliver a higher volume of implementations with a higher degree of confidence and consistency.” 

Read more about the product-led approach here:

Hart Square identified eight partners who are now capable of implementing successful Microsoft Dynamics solutions into membership bodies. The graph below shows them all plotted based on the degree of productisation and the amount of features included as part of the core product.

Silverbear are extremely pleased to be recognised as the most feature rich solution provider as well as one of the partners with the highest level of productisation available.

The report went on to discuss the features that membership organisations rate as most important in a solution (click on the links to learn more about the relevant features and tools included in Silverbear Membership):

The report concluded that whilst Dynamics CRM has had the flexibility to deploy in a number of models and to exchange information automatically with a wide range of financial packages, it has taken a lot of intensive and iterative investment from the established Dynamics CRM technology partners to evolve robust solutions which are more readily adapted and applied to client projects.

The launch of Dynamics 365 (read more about how this will affect membership organisations here: Introduction to Microsoft Dynamics 365) brings with it confirmation of Microsoft’s absolute strategic commitment to the Dynamics platform.

The Dynamics offering to membership organisation remains exceptional value and with the current growth, vibrancy, substance and maturity of this sector showing no signs of abating, the outlook for the membership industry as a whole is strong.