Major changes to Direct Debit rules coming in 2017

Major changes to Direct Debit rules coming in 2017

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Bacs have recently overhauled their Direct Debit Rules – rewriting the majority of the document and making major changes to the order and layout. This new 178 page document outlines all the rules and changes to help users understand the entire process - from joining the scheme, through to exit. They now also include information relating to AUDDIS and Paperless Direct Debits (PDD).

The new rules have updated the approved method of PDD which is of great relevance to those in the membership industry. These now specifically include clarifications surrounding the rules relating to pen and tablet style devices (handheld, mobile data capture solutions, often know as Hand-Held-Units - HHUs or Personal Digital Assistants - PDAs).  Electronic signatures can now be utilised for Direct Debit Instructions, and the new rules provide an overview of the process of how this should be achieved.

In 2016, Silverbear has entered into partnership with Clear Direct Debit, who now provide the supporting services for processing direct debits. Partnering with Clear Direct Debit allows Silverbear to ensure their membership management solution provides the highest reliability of accurate debiting.  

Clear Direct Debit have written a summary of the new Direct Debit rules, which can be read on their website:

A full list of the amendments appears at the front of the revised Guide.  You can access your copy by going to