The Lowdown: Microsoft Flow

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Microsoft flow is an exciting addition to Dynamics 365 online offering you improved integration

Workflows made simple.

Workflows outside of CRM have always been a bit of a challenge, but Flow is changing that for good. Flow gives you the ability to go further than standardised CRM workflows. You can create leads in CRM for mentions or hashtags on twitter for example, then even share the new lead via email or even text, all with no coding knowledge required, in a matter of minutes. You could easily automate your webforms to auto-create leads and support cases too. You can also auto-update Excel and Google spreadsheets when data gets updated in CRM, the possibilities are endless.

Flow gives you, the end user, the power to create custom workflows that integrate over 120 apps and counting to give you seamless connectivity and you can even manage your workflows on the go with your mobile as well as PC.

There’s even a growing list of templates you can follow on the Microsoft Flow website to get you started. Making use of all the fantastic applications you can find in the cloud could give your business a serious edge, opening up a whole host of new opportunities.

Creating your own workflows using the application is an easy to use process. Using a flowchart format, you can simply work your way through as many scenarios as you can think of to automate your business processes in an intuitive and interactive way. Required fields automatically appear and all you need to do is provide the correct logins for the services you want to use.

You can start simple with differing notifications, syncing files across from say dropbox to onedrive, use CRM data in wunderlist or you can get as complicated as you can handle. You can turn your flows on and off at any time, and even give permissions to others to use your flows as well. The caption is ‘work less, do more’.

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