Silverbear Reacts: The MemberWise Digital Excellence Report 2017

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In this article you’ll read about Silverbear’s reaction to the MemberWise Digital Excellence report. The report gives a deep insight into the priorities for membership organisations and the statistics that will help you highlight how you can look to get closer to your members.

Read the report here

The survey recognises what we realise here at Silverbear; member engagement is the top goal for the membership sector. Our solution is built upon the principle that you need to get closer to your members to retain them and to better monetise your products.

Without sufficient member engagement, membership organisations have found it hard to retain their members. Retaining existing members can be up to 8 times cheaper than acquiring new members, so organisations need to work hard to keep their members feeling a valued part of your community.  Measuring member engagement, however, is a hard task. As the report points out, there is a general fear that the current tools to track member engagement are not diverse enough. 71% expect their engagement analytics to be much more developed and refined.

Microsoft Dynamics retains its leading market share at 15%, solidifying its place in this sector. Our solution being CFMD gives us a critical edge in the sector. We have worked hard to shape Microsoft Dynamics to the needs of the membership sector to include membership renewal and lapsing process, complex pricing models and the complete end to end handling of financial transactions. We have also added full direct debit and gift aid functionality, as well as our own event management software.

We are still working hard to address the major concerns of integrating their websites and CRM systems.

The Top Concerns for Integrating Websites and CRM Systems

  • Cost
  • Incompatibility between website and CRM system
  • Lack of in-house IT skills
  • Time required to integrate
  • Poor quality and size of membership database
  • Unsure on what supplier to use

Our partnership with Higher Logic is helping us grow our online community platform. We understand benefits of online communities and how their private, secure environments drive knowledge sharing and engagement among members. Coupling this seamless integration to your Silverbear database and you’ll be able to drive collaboration and member engagement to improve your existing member retention.

In addition, our existing partnership with DNN, as CMS provider, already gives you the ability to integrate your social media, give your members a reach forum to develop community engagement, all in a mobile ready platform with advanced search engine optimisation.

Members have high expectations, with 88% looking for an interactive and engaging experience and 83% looking to feel valued. At the moment 87% of membership organisations use Google Analytics for their website and 60% generate reports using the built in reporting tool, only 8% generate reports from member profile pages that provide member engagement scores. This must change if membership organisations want to do more about their member engagement.

Email marketing and use of social media have now become the norm as membership organisations try to adapt to their membership base with the increase in use of multiple devices. Only 7% do not currently use an email marketing tool and no professionals said they had no social media presence, in fact 46% ranked their presence between 7 and 10. Social media engagement is slowly creeping up and 8 in 10 are using it to drive traffic to their website. Social media is gaining such importance that 30% are now employing a dedicated person for their social media presence.