Selecting a CRM system? Learn to be discerning.

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Highlights from Memberwise Select Seminar (8 February 2018)

“Choosing a CRM platform can be a daunting task and one which membership organisations don’t do often,” said Carl Grieves, Managing Director of Silverbear. “This is why it is critical that membership organisations are equipped with the right information when making these decisions.“

Look for a partner and not just a supplier when selecting your membership management solutions – delegates were advised at last Thursday’s Memberwise Select CRM Seminar, sponsored by Silverbear. The support you receive after you ‘go live’ is critical to customer satisfaction.

Fortunately sector experts, Memberwise, Purple and Silverbear were able to provide some practical insights into understanding the CRM selection process, starting a digital transformation and shared best practice information about selecting the right CRM platform.

Delegates at the seminar were taken through a list of learning outcomes which covered the fundamentals of CRM, what a good CRM system looked like, practical case studies on the highs and lows of a CRM project in practice and insight into how Silverbear and Microsoft are supporting UK associations. The presentations concluded with a Q&A session with the panel of experts comprising Richard Gott (Chair – Memberwise), Alistair Sergeant (CEO – Purple), Janine Chasmer (Executive Consultant – Purple) and Carl Grieves (Managing Director – Silverbear).

Delegates were walked through the steps of a CRM transformation, beginning with a clearly defined vision – the foundation for your over-arching business strategy. It is essential to understand your members’ and prospective members’ lifecycle journey and feed it into your products and services.

Keep sight of what ‘good’ looks like for your community – if your processes are informed by the customer journey, your eventual system choice should provide tangible business benefits:

  • Improved organisational efficiency
  • Improved membership engagement
  • Improved decision making
  • Personalisation
  • Self-service.

Tangible benefits should be quantified to provide true ‘benefits realisation’. The right partner will work alongside you to determine these measured outcomes, and work with you to achieve them for years to come.

Be proactive about benchmarking: talk to organisations of a similar size and function – listen to their experiences of CRM provision – this benchmarking will provide a good indication of whether a membership management provider may be suitable for your organisation.

Consider the time-efficiencies of being upfront about your budget and what you can practically invest in your CRM system. And don’t neglect data analytics and reporting – you need it to understand your customer’s CRM journey.
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