The clock is ticking ... are you GDPR ready?

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We are now only three months away from the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) deadline on 25 May 2018. GDPR compliance will run concurrently with the existing Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations (PECR), which affect marketing calls, emails, text and faxes etc.

The good news
As one of the most significant evolutions in the Data Protection Act legislation in recent years, GDPR has been a massive wake-up call about respecting the privacy of EU citizens, and failure to comply will have severe and costly implications. But remember why it’s happening: individuals demanded enhanced privacy – so moving forwards, if they have shared their permissions (opted in) with your company, it is because your organisation’s offering holds value and relevance for them. Your information is welcome!

This also provides a renewed challenge – to be engaging, targeted and meaningful in your customer-facing communications. Indeed, companies should seize the opportunity to communicate with greater credibility and relevance to a more engaged, albeit potentially reduced audience.

Customer insights
In helping prepare our customers for GDPR compliance, Mark Travis, CEO of Silverbear said: “We understand that each of our customers’ GDPR processes, procedures, policies, systems and requirements will be unique. Therefore, we have created an outline process and developed a GDPR toolkit to support and accelerate GDPR adoption."

Our outline process offers a number of key steps to align Silverbear Membership to your GDPR policies, procedures and operational practices. Our GDPR toolkit will accelerate GDPR adoption for opt-in/opt-out management and we will support your operational process and incident management through additional customisation.

Key steps
We realise that this is an evolving journey, which is why we have provided our customers with a stepped approach and will work with them to develop these functions to ensure they meet their specific policies and procedures. These key steps are:

  • Establishing your key GDPR principles
  • GDPR fit-gap and alignment
  • GDPR work packages
  • Security
  • Plan, readiness and implement
  • Operation process and incident management
  • Review and improve.

Our GDPR toolkit
Customer experience and implementation was at the fore when planning the toolkit, as Mark explained: “One of the biggest challenges for our customers was evidencing the opt-in, the expansion of what an opt-in is and the relation of all the elements that comprise an opt-in. Consequently we devised the toolkit to give the key data structures that would support opt-in on the GDPR and the tools that would help manage that.”

Mark continued: “We also realised that CRM is not the universal or only solution and opt-in point that you may have – you may have a plethora of other systems that are also taking opt-ins for web-based systems, mobile systems, other systems that you may have where you are capturing opt-in. What we are offering through CRM, through Silverbear Membership, is the ability to centralise those opt-ins into one place, so we’ve built an application programming interface (API) that can also consume an opt-in from another system and also allows people to check and reference from a central system that opt-ins are in one place. It is a toolkit – but it is our view of what we feel is a key requirement for a CRM solution.”

Our GDPR schema includes a number of record types: contact opt-in/opt-out, information notices, information notice options and recording of lawful reason. This schema enables clients to provide evidence when required and provide a historical timeline of consent.

Silverbear is working towards the Information Security Management Standard ISO 27001 and will continue collaborating with customers to provide additional customisation that will address: information requests, right to be forgotten, sensitive data and data retention.

Want to know more? Download our toolkit and find out how Silverbear can help tailor your GDPR requirements, email