Silverbear Membership on Microsoft Dynamics 2016

Silverbear Membership Solution |

As the Silverbear Membership Solution is powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Silverbear are able to leverage the power of Microsoft Dynamics CRM and the new products that are part of the Dynamics CRM family.  New for 2016 are Microsoft Dynamics Marketing and Social Engagement.  Silverbear are now able to upgrade the Member Portal (DNN) and the Dynamics CRM back end without the need for a full deployment significantly reducing the cost of future upgrades.

Learn more about the new features of Microsoft Dynamics 2016 in our recent blog post: Microsoft Dynamics 2016 Highlights.

For now, here's a summary of how it will benefit membership associations:

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2016

  • Improved navigation
  • Improved Outlook synchronisation
  • Business process flows
  • Visual hierarchies
  • Global search bar
  • Dashboard updates


Microsoft Dynamics Marketing 2016

  • Lead management and scoring
  • Marketing resource management
  • Multi-channel campaigns
  • Build automated campaigns

Microsoft Social Engagement

  • Social listening
  • Social analytics
  • Social engagement
  • Social CRM

Silverbear Membership Self Service Portal (DNN)

  • Simple content editing and creation
  • Advanced features
  • Unmatched security
  • Ultimate platform flexibility
  • Fast, efficient website speed
  • Well supported

Silverbear Online Training Platform

  • With the latest release of Silverbear Membership were are pleased to announce our Online learning portal.

Download our Silverbear Membership 2016 document to learn more about each of these new features!