Understanding your Membership Buyer Personas

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In the book “Designing for the Digital Age: How to Create Human-Centered Products and Services”, author Kim Goodwin defined buyer personas as examples of people that illustrate the general goals and witnessed behaviour patterns among the potential users and customers of your products and/or services.

They are useful because they help you understand the ideal member you’re trying to attract, and help you to relate to your existing members as real humans. 

Once you understand your membership buyer persona, you can use this information to help shape your: 

  • Marketing campaigns

  • Core membership messages

  • Content

  • Sales 

  • Membership account management.

How to Create your Membership Buyer Persona?

Buyer personas are created through research, surveys and interviews of your target membership audience. You should include a mix of members – both the members you want to attract, and those you don’t. People who are members already and those that aren’t. Those that have let their membership lapse, and those that renew each and every year. 

You need to collect both qualitative and quantitate data, so you can get a thorough image of who your ideal member is – what they value and how your membership helps them in their daily lives.

Membership Buyer Persona Template

You need to create a template that outlines:


  • Basic details about persona’s job position

  • Key information about the persona’s company

  • Relevant background information such as education, qualifications, hobbies


  • Gender

  • Age range

  • Income

  • Geographical location


  • Buzz words

  • Mannerisms 


  • Career Goals

  • Life goals


  • Primary challenge to their career and personal life goals

  • Secondary challenges to their career and personal life goals

How We Help

  • How your membership organisation can help solve the persona’s challenges

  • How your membership organisation can help your persona achieve their career and life goals

Membership Testimonials

  • Include some real testimonials from existing members that represent your persona’s well. This makes it easier for association employees to understand and relate to the persona

Common Objections

  • Identify the most common objections your persona will raise when you try and sell a membership subscription to them

Marketing Message

  • How should you describe your membership subscription you your persona?

Elevator Pitch

  • Make it quick and simple to describe your membership benefits. This ensures everyone in your association can explain your membership services in a strong and consistent way.

So How Can You Find All This Information Out?

  • Administer your own online surveys of your target audience

  • Conduct interviews with your target audience to learn about their goals and challenges in more detail

  • Identify common objections will help your sales team be better prepared during their conversations – you can find out common objections during interviews and by speaking to your sales team directly

Example: A Law Association Group – Their Sample Persona: Samuel Jones 


  • Samuel Jones is a solicitor

  • Works in the UK for a large law firm

  • Has been a solicitor for over 10 years, graduated from university and worked his way through the ranks

  • Qualified over five years ago, maintains regular qualification via CPD points and training. He has to take the occasional exam to maintain and update his status as a practicing solicitor

  • Married with two children


  • Even male/female split

  • Age 30-65

  • High income earners

  • City based


  • Ambitious

  • Probably has a PA screening calls

  • Asks for collateral to be emailed

  • Likes to attend networking events


  • To continue on a strong career path

  • To earn more money

  • To increase personal visibility in his industry

  • To protect himself against legal complaints


  • Maintaining his qualification

  • Keeping up with new legislations

  • Having time to meet and network with peers

How We Help

  • We provide regular events that help solicitors gain CPD points

  • Members can take exams with us and manage their results and profile online

  • We communicate all new legislations and laws in regular, easy to digest communications

  • We provide events – online and offline, where our members can network with other members. Many of these events also come with CPD points which again help to maintain their qualification and understanding of new legislations

Real Quotes

  • “Through the monthly networking events I’ve been able to raise my profile and was even able to get a new position with a prestigious law firm of my choice”

  • “Being able to manage my CPD points and qualifications online is a real time saver – I instantly know what I’ve done in the last year and what I need to do to maintain my qualifications”

  • “Getting regular eblasts updating me on the legislations solely relating to my particular area of law is incredibly useful and ensures I’m always up to date on the latest developments in the industry.”

Common Objections

  • It’s too expensive

  • What value do I get – I can just obtain this information from the internet

  • I can network online using sites like LinkedIn, why do I need to pay for networking events?

Marketing Message

  • We provide our members with information on the latest developments in law, access to a large community of law professionals, as well as holding CPD qualified events and networking groups and enable our members to manage and maintain their qualifications through an online portal and exams.

Elevator Pitch

  • We are the leading association for solicitors who wanting to maintain their qualification, network with peers through online and offline events and keep up to date on regulations and industry developments – all from one cost effective account.

Have you outlined your membership buyer persona? The more you understand your ideal member, the better you can target them. Have a go creating your personas today.

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