The Benefits of Self-Service

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Online Self-Service has become an accepted and invaluable part of everyday life for most. From getting insurance quotes online to buying tickets for the theatre or a rock concert, more and more of our everyday transactions and interactions are being delivered via the internet. Why not .. it’s a fast, available, no-nonsense channel that allows us to interact at our convenience, pace and at a time of our choosing. For the organisations providing online self-service, the internet opens up a whole new world of possibilities for engaging with existing and new customers in a highly efficient and cost effective way.

But this efficiency isn’t free … for the customer experience to be rewarding for all it needs to be slick and well thought through, and it needs to integrate seamlessly with back-end processes and systems that play key roles in actually fulfilling and managing the individual transaction, and the overall customer engagement.

Silverbear Membership’s web self-service components have been developed specifically to provide this seamless, efficient and cost effective service to membership organisations. From designing and deploying application forms, and their associated business processes and validation rule handling, through to self-service profile management, event/conference booking and management, and integrated e-commerce provision, Silverbear Membership web self-service is able to provide the online experience that members expect and that membership organisations want to deliver.

Powered by Microsoft Dynamics CRM and delivered through a highly intuitive membership portal, Silverbear Membership web self-service can deliver a rich membership experience online whilst, at the same time, providing the membership organisation with the power and control that require at the business back end to stay in control of the overall membership experience and journey. Integration to online payment providers, back office finance and order fulfilment solutions are all available as standard – providing the kind of integrated online member experience that has so long been envisaged yet so rarely delivered satisfactorily.

Headline features provided include:

  • Configurable online registration integrated with the back-end Microsoft Dynamics CRM solution
  • Profile management – at both individual and organisational level – including address, communication preference, and interest management
  • Committee/group management – including meeting management, document management and all of the features required to manage such groups online
  • Multi-stage application management including configurable form design, application process design and integration to payment providers and financial/fulfilment services
  • Financial management including invoice and online payment management
  • Event and conference booking and delegate management
  • e-Commerce provision – including a complete web shop and the ability to offer pricing based upon the registered users profile (e.g. Member and non-member pricing)
With such a wealth of integrated capability, and more and more features coming online as Silverbear works with its rapidly expanding and empowered membership customer base, Silverbear Membership web self-service is turning the online membership dream into a powerful reality. Category: Membership Management; CEO & Board