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Meet Neil

What I am working on at the moment

I’m a Senior Support Analyst, giving second and third-line support to our customers, as well as generalist support for some of our newer customers – giving them a bit of additional comfort in the early stages of a new solution.

I spend a lot of time with established customers, working with them week in, week out, over many years. Which means I’ve developed a close relationship with them, working together to achieve their goals.

It can be quite high pressure as there’s always lots to do. But there’s no goal or target orientated stress. The focus is on making sure we do right by our customers – ensuring they get the right outcome for them, rather than on just closing as many calls as quickly as possible (not to say that that’s not something we work on though!).

Why I like working at Silverbear

It’s a very friendly, open group here. It’s a very different working environment to anything I’ve experienced before. Everyone is helpful, and happy to advise and assist when necessary. I came from a retail management role, so this is very different.

I enjoy being able to build a rapport and relationship with various customers. Working with them to build up a level of trust is something that you don’t get in retail. It’s important to always be as honest as possible with customers. If the customer is under pressure they can pass that onto us. But if we’ve got a good relationship based on openness and honesty, then it’s easier to progress the call and give them the outcome they need.

What’s different about working at Silverbear?

Everyone here is very like-minded. It’s a good group of people. I’ve even been on a couple of stag do’s of colleagues who I now class as close friends. It’s easy to mix with people in other departments too. It’s a very sociable company. We often go out for dinner or to the pub after work. It’s not forced socialising though! Most times someone will suggest going for a drink and a few of us will end up going.

There’s quite a wide age range at Silverbear, so it’s good to be able to have conversations with younger guys as well as older team members. It’s great building up relationships with people here and finding out that you have things in common with other staff members that you wouldn’t have thought of.

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