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Meet Alberta

What I am working on at the moment

I work in the Customer Success team – mainly helping customers who have recently gone live get the most from their new solution, but also assisting with re-implementations from upgrades (which is what I’m spending a lot of time on at the moment).

The recent changes to Dynamics have been fantastic. By making it more configurable it means that users (with the right skills) can configure it themselves too, which is a great bonus. There are six people in my department right now, all working towards providing a dedicated resource to customers beyond the standard support level.

Why I like working at Silverbear

I used to work at Care Council for Wales, which is where I first met Silverbear when they were our membership software supplier. As project administrator for the installation of the solution, I learned how to do a lot of the configuration myself which I really enjoyed. When I had to move to Guildford for personal reasons, Silverbear asked me to come in and interview and I got the job.

There’s a lot of career direction within Silverbear and great team camaraderie. It feels a very stable place to work, with lots of support provided when needed. There are a lot of routes I could take my career down, although right now I feel my skills are best suited to working with customers that are using our product. Taking them from implementation, to using the product, to really getting what they need from it, is extremely rewarding.

What’s on my TV and music playlists right now?

You must watch Bob’s Burgers; so much better than Family Guy. The humour is really subtle, but great! I save up the episodes to watch as it’s so special! I also binge watch loads of Star Trek – we started from the original and are now in series 3 of voyager.

Music-wise, being Welsh you’ve gotta love a bit of Tom! But I also like anything electronic too. My guilty pleasure is definitely a bit of Beyonce!

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