Once the project is underway we will use the initial backlog that was built during the trial period to start building an overall delivery plan.

We will work closely with you to clearly define in more detail each backlog item and agree collectively the acceptance criteria for this item. You will own this plan deciding the priority of each backlog item (or User Story in our terminology).

The deliverable items (User Stories) will be worked on in agreed periods of time (or Sprints) where we will work collectively to build, verify, test and approve that this particular User Story satisfies your acceptance criteria.

We will deliver focused and relevant training that complements the key areas that are being worked on. This will increase your understanding of the relevant areas of the system at exactly the right time.


"We look forward to working closely with Silverbear. It is certain they will help us meet our organisational objectives and to also collaborate and inform us on opportunities for the future."

Ross White, 
Company Secretary – BABCP

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