Project Delivery

During the project as well as delivering the configuration services described in the previous Initiation step will offer the following services.


As well as initial training (at the relevant stages in the overall delivery) our specialist trainers will deliver a full round of training to your nominated staff.

Data Migration

We will typically migrate data from your old system to Silverbear Membership. Our team of Data Migration specialists will work closely with you to understand how your data maps to Silverbear Membership. We will test the data migration with you through a number of iterations ensuring that all required data has been mapped correctly prior to go-live.


If you require the Self Service Portal element of Silverbear Membership we will work with your chosen creative agency (or use your corporate branding guidelines) to brand the Portal to reflect the required look and feel.


Whilst we have a library of core reports and encourage the use of in-built CRM functionality (Views and Dashboards for example), should you require any bespoke reports, our Reporting specialists will be able to build branded reports according to these requirements.

Customer User Acceptance Testing

The customer will test that the requirements have been delivered. Customers begin testing as soon as possible to ensure a backlog of testing does not build up. Following user story testing, the customer will complete end-to-end business process testing using real data. This critical stage of the project validates that the solution will operate as intended in the real world and that the customer has a full understanding of how to use it.

"Whatever the 'speed bumps' to be negotiated we have found Silverbear's openness, responsiveness and willingness to understand our particular requirements both positive and helpful on an individual and collective basis."

Andrew Graham,
British Exploring Society