Customer Success

Customer Success

The Customer Success Team are the group within Silverbear who are dedicated to helping you achieve and exceed your objectives once you have moved from implementation into Live. 

The Customer Success Team encompasses key Silverbear departments - Development, Support, Operations and Training.

During your implementation you will get to know some of this team for a range of activities. As you approach and move into a live situation we will introduce you to the wider team and share a more detailed handover.

Example projects undertaken by this team:

  • Upgrade from Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 to Dynamics CRM 2016 (including all the latest Silverbear functionality)
  • Organisation Rebranding (websites, back office and reports)
  • Integration of new departments
  • Enhanced reporting (extending existing reports and creating new reports)
  • Website enhancements and implementation of new modules
  • Event set up 
  • Application design and set up
  • Front-end changes (views, workflows and advance finds etc)

Through the Services, Development, Support, Operations and Training areas, the Customer Success team are focused on enabling you to succeed in your objectives and deliver to your members.

By working only with existing customers we can share with you the ways in which the system is used elsewhere, benefits in adjusting your approach and highlight any future considerations you could take advantage of.

"ACE felt it was important that it was not only buying a solution but also establishing a long term relationship which enables both parties and ACE members to benefit."

Dr Nelson Ogunshakin OBE,
Chief Executive Officer at ACE

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